do different TV companies provide different aerials

Depending on the quality of the TV Company, the tv aerialsprovided by them are different in nature. Some of the TV sets are designed in order to show the TV channels which are according to the VHF band frequency or of the UHF band frequency. Thus the rods and the length of each rod that is designed must be according to the wavelength and the frequency it is supposed to catch. Thus, the different TV companies make sure that they recommend or provide the best type of TV aerials so that they go well with the television set that they have designed.

The main types of antennas are the indoor and the outdoor antennas. Each of these types of antennas has further classifications. The TV companies make sure that they mention the type of antenna that is placed in the TV set box. Multidirectional antennas are also the best ones as they can catch several channels of different frequencies.

Digital HD antennas and the satellite dishes are also common these days. They also have a special design which is why the company which offers a television with the respective setting offers the antenna as well.